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Help Desk Management and Help Desk Audit

The importance of the Help Desk in a modern organization should not be under estimated. The smooth running of the function is of growing importance...... problems can cause significant loss, both financial and reputational. The HelpDesk, in many cases, can in even be the public face of the department or organization.

For these reasons, amongst others, the Help Desk must be managed to the highest possible quality. It is most unwise to leave anything to chance.

Fortunately, over recent years, tools have emerged specifically to help the manager to discharge the requisite tasks as effectively as possible. No... these are not help desk software solutions as documented elsewhere on this portal... but rather resources to assist specifically with management responsibilities. The most well known is perhaps the HelpDesk Management Toolkit.


This highly acclaimed toolset comprises a number of resources designed to tackle different aspects of Help Desk management:

  • An 83 page guide on establishing and managing a modern Help Desk
  • A substantial PowerPoint presentation introducing key concepts and issues
  • A Help Desk SLA - a detailed Service Level Agreement template.
  • An interactive guide to explain each clause in the above and help you populate it.
  • A comprehensive set of security policies for the Help Desk environment.
  • An audit checklist to review the help desk service from an objective perspective.
  • A detailed presentation on Help Desk Service Level Agreements (covering how, what and why).
  • An introduction to 'Service Level Management'.

Overall, this is an extremely useful resource for anyone involved in, or even just interested in, HelpDesk implementation or management. It is fully documented on it own site: Help Desk Management

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