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Help desks are now a fundamental and core part of good business service and operation. However, addressing the tricky issues, selecting the right tools, and managing the help desk correctly can actually be a very daunting task.

Hopefully this site will answer many of the difficult questions, including the basics, such as: What is a help desk? How do they work? Why have a software solution? What are the typical software functions? Where do I start?

The Help Desk Information Portal will offer guidance in many of these areas. Not only through the provision of information, background and guidelines, but through the identification of suitable tools and suppliers.




Essentially, the Help Desk is a central point through which problems/issues are reported and and subsequently managed/co-ordinated. From a wider perspective, it is also seen as core part of the service function, responsible for bringing together multiple resources to address an issue.

Of course, Help desk users can be external or internal, making the function potentially critical in terms of both the organization's smooth running, and the quality of direct support offered to customers.

What is a help desk? Read more about help desks and their general characteristics Here


But how do help desks actually work? What is their usualy topology and what are the typical functions? Why have software solutions?

These are all importand and valid questions - and are questions that should be regularly considered even when a help desk solution is already established and in place. This section will hopefully answer these and other related questions.

Help desk functionality Read more about how help desks function Here




The importance of the help desk function within a modern business or organization should NOT be under estimated. Its smooth running is of growing importance... problems can cause substantial loss, both reputational and financial.

The Help Desk should therefore be managed to the highest possible standard, ensuring delivery of a measurable and quality service. It is most unwise to leave these matters to chance. This section discusses an approach to help ensure this is the case.

Help desk audit and management Read more about managing the help desk Here


So what are the typical software functions, and why are they offered? What should you actually be looking for in a help desk solution?

This section explains what the typical functions are, and offers broad information on help desk systems.

help desk solutions Read more about typical help desk application functionality Here




Selection of the right help desk software solution is of course very important. This section describes the main functions and features of one of the leading products, and also offers a download for a free no-obligation trial.

The latter (download) is probably the easiest route to better understand the various capabilities of a help desk application and place its role into proper context.

Help desk software download Read more about a leading help desk software product, and optionally download a copy on free trial Here


An increasing trend in recent years has been to outsource the help desk to a third party. This can embrace the help function as an individual entity, or the whole of the IT operation including the help desk function.

Whilst not being appropriate for all businesses or organizations, it does bring significant benefits to some.

help desk outsourcing See our page on help desk outsourcing for more information on this issue.




This section of Help Desk Software World is a repository for a growing number of articles and papers covering customer service, problem management and support.

Papers and Articles A selection of papers and articles broadly covering Help Desks and ITIL

An SLA defines the basis of understanding between the help desk service provider and the service recipient. See our Help desk service level agreement page for more information.


The management of call centers require special consideration. See our page on call center outsourcing for more information.

The Help Desk is not a island. It must fit comfortably within the organization and should ideally comply with the requirements of ISO 17799 and ITIL. This section considers these matters and identifies sources to assist.

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Additional Information: The Help Desk Solution Suppliers Directory

We hope that the information presented in this directory has been of use. If you require any further assistance, or have any comments on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us

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