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This section of Help Desk Software World introduces a number of leading papers and articles related to problem management and support. These were produced by Peter de Jager, one of the worlds leading authorities on problem solving, creativity, change and issues relating to the future and technology.

Asking Stupid Questions

No Information is still Customer Service

Troubleshooting Problem Solving Strategic Planning Support Services

Problem solving in the 11 keys of W

Murphy, Anger & Service

The End of Version Numbers?

What�s Really Going On?

Handcuffed by Standards?

About Peter de Jager

Peter de Jager is a speaker/consultant/writer on the issues relating to the management of the future -- technological and otherwise. He has published 100's of articles on Problem Solving, Creativity, Change and issues relating to the future and technology. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Scientific American.

In his presentations he attacks, with humor of course, the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change process, management practices and technology. His talks are accessible by both staff and upper management. The sole objective of his presentations, despite the seriousness of his chosen topics, is to provide actionable items which immediately help with both the management of change and the ability to cope with change.

Having spoken in more than 30 countries he is recognized worldwide as an exciting and engaging speaker. His audiences have included the World Economic Forum, The World Bank and The Bank for International Settlements.

His presentations are highly interactive, fun , irreverent to mistaken ideas and most importantly, directly applicable to the change & technology challenges facing us both personally and professionally. His Presentations include the following titles:

Commerce ends with an E!...
         Our focus is first on our 'commerce' and then on the Internet
The Rule of 100 in your business...
         Why rapid change in ANY direction forces you to re-examine your business,
         your industry and even society.
The Erosion of Boundaries...
         What does the ever increasing flood of technology mean to life in general?
The Fading Hope of Privacy and the increased need for Ethics...
         An examination of the loss of privacy in the 21st century.
The drive to simplicity in the face of increasing complexity...
         Why Cities in Italy are reversing the clock on Technology.
Technology in Context...
         What instant access to information means to any industry.
The Vapour Point of Product
         What happens when it costs less to build it yourself than to buy it from a store?
         An examination of the near future of Rapid Manufacturing.

His primary focus however, is the Management of Change in Rational Organizations.

Articles published in:
The Washington Post, Datamation, The Wall Street Journal, The Futurist, Scientific American, Toronto Star, Innovative Leader, Executive Technology, CIO Magazine, Computerworld, Information Weekly, Corporate Computing, Information Center, Computing Canada and Info Canada

Currently has monthly columns in CIO Canada, The ABA Bankers Journal and Computerworld Canada, as well as several on-line newsletters, Journals and e-zines.

Media exposure?
More than 2,000 interviews and appearances including, Dateline, Nightline, Crossfire, Fortune, Forbes, Today Show, BBC World Report, NPR and CSPAN as well as profiles in The New York Times, FT of London, Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Esquire and The National Post.

From the NY Times Profile? "A talent for simple metaphors and pithy pronouncements"

Speaker Information: To contact Peter, send an email to:  [email protected]


- Whilst not strictly a paper, the ITIL Encyclopedia is actually a wiki. A Wiki? This can be thought of as a public collaberation paper: the public can simply add content and knowledge to the on-going project. An interesting concept.

- A large collection of papers and materials is promised at ITIL Central. This bills itself as a repository of materials and items pertaining exlusively to ITIL.

Note: We hope soon to build our own collection of ITIL papers and articles. If you have anything to contribute, don't be shy!

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