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Call Center Management and Call Center Outsourcing

Management of a call center function requires specific considerations, with a myriad of sometimes complex issues in play. Issues as diverse as the management of service level agreements to the application of best practice are all embraced.

Sometimes, the function is outsourced, in which case transition planning, contract development and a host of other specific tasks need to be undertaken. Again, there is no room for short cuts.


In recent months a tool has emerged to help all these issues to be addressed far more readily. The Call Center Management Toolkit contains a wide range of components to give management a head start in dealing with each of these tasks. It includes:

  • An introduction to call center strategic management best practice

  • A draft service level agreement

  • A call center management presentation and training module (PowerPoint)

  • A call center benchmarking metrics audit kit

  • Service desk fact and reference sheets

  • A service level requirements template

  • A transition plan for outsourcing

  • A typical draft contract for call centre outsourcing


This unique set of essential documents and materials is provided largely in MS-Word format, and is fully downloadable on purchase ($US 199). It is documented on its own specific web site: Call Center Management

See also our section on call center management and ITIL.

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