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ITIL and Call Center Management


The IT Infrastructure Library, commonly known as ITIL, embraces both call center and help desk management under its 'Service Desk' discipline. This is one of 12 such disciplines, each of which focuses upon a different aspect of the overall operation.

Each discipline uses a standard approach, covering: why, activities, results, goal, costs and crititcally, the benefits of applying consistent and high quality management. It is clear how these issues are core to the management of both the help desk and the call center.

This presentation takes you through these different issues one by one, and includes diagrams and explanatory text. It is recommended that they be read one by one in the following order:

Hopefully, this presentation will provide an insight into the structure of ITIL in the context of the call center and help desk world, and perhaps give an indication of why it is so widely used as a management tool.

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